Our Pegs to Paper Programme is a progressive approach to learning designed to enhance children’s cognitive development through physical activity.  Dr Angela Webb, a former primary school head teacher, who is a child psychologist and board member of The National Handwriting Association, designed the programme.

From beginning to end, the programme is designed to take a child through a step by step process using a variety of materials including work sheets and a giant peg boards. There are also extension activities for the pegs and pegboard, which include the link and lace board. 

Here's a sneaky peak into how the programme works!

Say it loud!

While working your way through the work sheets, feeding in words, such as “left, right, above and below”, and getting the child to repeat the words back, provides the child with an essential spatial framework for learning.

Progress is rewarding!

From basic shape recognition to letter formation, the programme covers all bases. Pegs to Paper is more than just a handwriting tool - it helps form the best connections in the brain, which stimulate learning. A child can see evidence of how far they have come by recording their progress as they work their way through the programme.

Little hands making BIG Changes!

The pegs are perfectly designed for those little hands! Their early grasp uses the whole fist, but they quickly learn that they need to grasp the neck of the peg with their fingers and hold the shaped top in the palm of the hand in order to push the peg into the hole effectively. This grasp is designed to simulate holding a pen or pencil from an early age as it involves and strengthens the groups of muscles required for handwriting. 

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

The programme is very effective for introducing children to basic numeracy. The instinct colours of the pegs make it very easy for them to decipher between colours and numbers. Adding and subtracting colours from a row can simplify basic sums and encourage a child to work with bigger and more exciting numbers as they get the hang of things. Make maths fun!

Creates healthy brain activity!

By using both sides of the body, both sides of the brain communicate with each other sending signals across the bridge. This in turn is proven to encourage learning. So, if the child is engaging with an activity that does this they will better retain the information. Passing the pegs from left to right or vice versa before pushing them into the peg board is a simple way to do this!

An all rounder!

Pegs to Paper is the Foundation for all subjects! As a result of developing the tripod grip, instilling the visual and verbal language, introducing them to numbers and colours, developing spatial awareness and coordination AND encouraging healthy brain activity, the child is perfectly equipped for schooling and education.

Helen Sowden, Head Teacher at Ann Edwards Primary School, explains the benefits of the Pegs to Paper Programme

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